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Start today this new playlist that has network design as its topic after we have dealt with the topics of flexbox and accept design in the previous two. So let’s start with sharing my screen where I am in my Codepen profile: Codepen is an online community where you can test and reveal code snippets and was founded by Chris Coyer who can also be found on the locate https :// css-tricks.com/ where there are the most used manoeuvres within the html and css websites, which can also be taken for your places. Let’s go to pen now and a new pen opens, as “youre seeing” the screen subdivided into three percentages a right side – now we will write in html, css here the javascript – let’s open and close the pe tag inside it let’s positioned the placeholder text which we get from lorem ipsum generator. We take all this text here, do CTRL C and do CTRL V, and on the left side of the screen as you participate the update seems live on what our web browser would now be. Now let’s go and detect the complexion property: so let’s go below in the duty where there is the css to write and write color red for example, therefore we have attributed to the selector p the asset complexion red( css regulation ). There are various ways to go about declaring the suit other than this one that I have written and that is where instead of red we can write all the other complexions. For pattern, if I write lettuce you be understood that the green textbook sounds. If instead we use the RGB method, ie the hexadecimal crowd structure, then we should write for example FF0000 and this is the red color.If, on the other hand, “were having” prices that are repeated we can write simply F00 only once F, ie the first of the RGB appreciates, and you see that it remains always the same color. “Theres been” another RGB method: in such cases we will write RGB, we open we close the round bracket and if an example I am going to write RGB 0 0 255 then the emblazon becomes blue-blooded. If I go to write RGB 0 0 255 0.5 a transparency of 50% “re coming”, which corresponds to the latter value that is introduced inside the round brackets. To make it easier to find a coloring a group of five palettes is created( which are the dyes that are recommended to have affinities in research projects ), then now for example I take this brownish: if I’m going to click on it and I’m going to make a copy and paste of the hexadecimal quality it suggests to me, and I delivering it back here and applied it here here is where our verse has become with this color; I pulped above this grid and all the various colors appear.

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