1 Minute Video Marketing Tip of the Month – #7

Last month I talked about Why Search Engines
love Video, but this month I want to get more specific, because this represents a huge opportunity
for your business. Here’s how it works: when you have a website,
you’re competing against thousands or even hundreds of thousands of other websites to
get that coveted page one of Google. But not that many people have online videos
yet that are properly optimized for search, so it’s a wide open field. You might only be competing against a handful
of other videos that are correctly optimized with your keyword phrases. What this means for your business is that
online video can offer a secret back door to get on the first page of Google. So don’t wait. This door of opportunity will close as more
people recognize that video is key being found online. Stay tuned for next month’s tip, when I’ll
talk about how social media is starting to integrate with email marketing.

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