1-Minute Video Marketing Tip # 64 – How to Attract Your Ideal Client

One of the most important exercises you can
do in your business is to get very clear about who your ideal client is. Once you know this, many new doors will open
to you. You can even create an "avatar" which is a
fictional person who embodies the traits of your ideal client. Here's quick glimpse at my avatar:
His name is Bill. He's a Financial Advisor and
he wants to take his practice to the next level. He's enthusiastic, a hard worker, realistic,
and somewhat savvy about marketing and technology. And this is just quick glimpse of what an
ideal client might look like for me. You could also list demographic information
like age, where they live, how much money they make, what their hobbies are, and on
and on. Now obviously, not every person you work with
will fit your avatar description exactly. But this exercise gives you a good clear focus
for who you're trying to attract, and that will affect every marketing decision you make. Please take a moment and leave us some details
about your ideal client in the comments below.

Leave your website too, so if your ideal client
sees themselves in what you wrote, they can get in touch with you..

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