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I mentioned at the very beginning of this module here that we're trying to get traffic free traffic in other words you don't have to actually pay to generate the traffic that is true provided you do the marketing the yourself if you write aunty all of the articles i want to give you the option though of going out and having somebody else do it so for that reason we're going to talk about just a couple of different scenarios either you doing it or somebody else doing it and of course that is going to cost you but you can write the articles yourself trust me this is not very difficult and you can sit down like I said in a week's time you can have easily seven or eight new articles out there all generating traffic and it's not going to take your whole day you know to do it if you want to do that great I like to write a lot of my own articles if I don't write the article though I definitely will create the headline myself because the headline is very very important that I'm not going to leave that to you know just anybody to take care of again one per day for 2 500 words we don't want you know to just we don't want to write a whole book that's not the goal of this in fact if you've got a topic that is absolutely so intense you cannot fit it into 500 words if maybe it's like 1500 words if you just love writing a lot of people just like to write that's great but if you sit down and you can quickly just pop out 1500 words split it into three separate articles I promise you that is the way to go because you get three times the exposure and people will see like if they see the first one they're stuck if they click on to the next article because they want more information it's like they're stuck with you now they are going to carry through to the end which means they're going to click on your link right again do not copy bad ethics and it's bad SEO its duplicate content Google is just going totally trash it now if you outsource here we go and we go to a site like Rena coder or Elance or I freelance and we put out a proposal to have somebody else create the content for us you own the content and you still put your name on it so you're buying them writing it for you as a service you still own it and trust me that's completely ethical people do it all the time in the book writing industry believe it or not you look at a book and it's got an author's name on it that author many times did not actually write it especially if it's you know if it's some kind of nonfiction work a lotta too well with fiction too they just use a different name but with nonfiction work they will have other people do research for them and they'll put together all of the research they could have a whole team of a dozen people they'll come pilot and slap their name on it that's totally okay to do because you paid them to do it for you no hype and not salesy you don't want this because and this applies really to if you're doing it too because when the when the article is being reviewed for acceptance because these article cites they don't just take any trash right they actually review it when it's being reviewed they're gonna if it seems real high p or salesy they're just going to not approve it and it'll never get published it needs to be real helpful content that is genuine and original so you make sure and you've got to you know do a test what I like to do is there's a site i can't think of the name of it right now at the top of my head but there's a site that will check for duplicate content for you another thing you can do is like if you get an article back from somebody and we're looking at four to five hundred words these are not huge articles right when you get an article back from an outsourcer copy some of the text just do a selection and copy it and paste it into google and then do a search and if those words that they typed you know supposedly those come up exactly and you see other articles that have the same content then you don't pay for that you trash it and you tell them hey you know I'm not working with you anymore because you're just plagiarizing these have to be genuine original articles what you want to do is use the keyword phrase that has been searched for as your link text now the way this works let's say again somebody does a search for learn to play guitar on ezinearticles after the third paragraph you are free to use a link and you have a limit to the amount of links that you can have within the article okay so you have to be very careful there you don't just all of a sudden start pasting a whole bunch of links but you use that if that keyword phrase has learned to play guitar in your dialogue somewhere in the article you're using that keyword phrase exactly as it is about five or six times so every hundred words or more so you're going to have like a sentence maybe that would say if you want to learn to play guitar you know and continue your sentence so you use the phrase just like it was searched for and you're creating an article for each of the phrases that you're targeting each one that you want to rank for that text learn to play guitar you use that as your anchor text to send them to the site so that gets highlighted it gets the underline it's blue it's a link right and it's the exact thing that they searched for in their minds they're thinking relevant relevant relevant Google is also when they index it there thinking relevant relevant relevant now you also add a link in your bio section this is going to appear at the bottom of the article you put your name you know and there's a whole really there's a lot of detail we could go into there but that would take almost a whole training module in and of itself suffice it to say for right now don't do what most people do which is give your credentials about why you're so awesome and why people should listen to you if they've read your article they've got down to the bottom where the bio section is they already trust you and they already like your stuff they think you know what you're talking about there's no point in putting all of that stuff in there just what I like to do is I like to not put any closure in the article like articles typically have an introduction they have the body of their content and then they have a conclusion at the bottom well I scrapped the conclusion and that's where i start the bio section it just basically says for more information on boo boo boo you know whatever and then it gives them my name and the link the reason for that is if they've read through the introduction and the basic content of the article and they keep going they like it and they want more and since I don't give them that closure they basically have to click on the link because they need that like mentally they're ready for a conclusion and they haven't gotten it so they need to click the link to go on and remember with all of this make sure you've got with your legs that you're implementing the traffic so that you know where this traffic is coming from and you know what's working okay now once we've done all of this in the next video i want to show you how we can just totally ramp this whole thing up and we're going to even add stumbleupon into our article marketing tactics

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