01 Wie funktioniert Google? Online-Marketing verstehen, Teil 1

Welcome to dark white! My name is Christoph Schumacher and this is dark white Quintessenz, the magazine for Corporate communication and corporate branding. Some ask: How does the world's largest search engine work at its core? There are many secrets surrounding the internet giant, and the algorithm is considered a well-kept one Secret. But the real formula for success is obvious – and it's amazingly simple. Today I want to tell you how the Google search engine can benefit customers as the discovered the most efficient profit drivers and revolutionized the Internet. Google is basically search engine No. Become 1: The company wants to provide the best search engine in the world. The goal does not mean: We want to earn as much money as possible with a search engine. At best, this is a result of the actual strategic goal. Here it is important not to confuse cause and effect: Google's immense financial one Success is the effect – the strategic goal setting, on the other hand, is the cause. Now one can ask oneself what the best search engine can do for a search engine operator to have in the world.

That's nice, but how can this be monetized? It is well known that there is hardly any money to be made with advertising on the Internet. The answer at this point is again – as is so often the case in digital marketing: It it's less about what, it's more about how. For Google, this has always meant limiting itself radically to customer benefits. At the very beginning of the Internet era, search engine portals were covered in links and advertising of all kinds. The big players of the time (Altavista, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) relied on the fast one Profit from online advertising.

Even back then, users didn't particularly like this, but profit maximization was there in the foreground. Not so with Google, where maximizing utility was the top priority. This means providing the most relevant and best results for the searcher. This brings us to the algorithm, which is the crucial piece of software. The thing as such is also nothing new; has been employed for decades computational linguistics with the topic of how to read the content of a text using software can grasp and evaluate. To this day, Google uses concepts and ideas in its algorithm, some of which have been known for almost 50 years. The first big step in Google's algorithm was called Page Rank, named after one of the founders from Google, Larry Page.

The Page Rank evaluates the relevance of a page in the context of other documents. At the beginning of 1998 the inventors submitted the patent application for it, the details are on the net published. Patenting also always means: making it public; and soon the dark side showed itself this tactic: The webmasters began to align their website according to the algorithm and not by quality, because everyone wanted to be number one on Google. With the increasing importance of the internet, the ranking on Google got more and more a critical success factor. Thank you for your attention! In the next post, I'll show how Google's algorithm has changed over the last Years and what this means for you as a website operator..

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